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Funeral Flowers Philippines - Online Flower Shop

La Rosa is a flower shop in the Philippines that delivers fresh and well arranged funeral flowers. With years of experience, La Rosa Flower Shop is one of the industry’s pioneers here in the Philippines. We have a wide selection of funeral flowers and arrangements for you to choose from. So if you are looking to send your deepest sympathy to loved ones, relatives, friends, business associates and co-workers, La Rosa Flower Shop is the one for you. You may call us or you may also order online for your convenience.

Fresh flowers delivered daily.

Whether pick-up or delivery, we serve fresh and well-arranged flowers just for you. We deliver flowers in Manila, Metro Manila, Makati and other provinces in the Philippines. With our same day delivery service, your love ones will surely get their flowers on time. Please visit our “Delivery Info” page for reference and details. If you want something out of the ordinary, you may contact us or drop by our shop to discuss and customize the combinations of flowers you want for the arrangement. Every message and every feeling you want to show becomes more colorful and significant with La Rosa Flowers.

Why flowers are important in these occasions?

Flower seems to be our way to express our condolences when words fail us. Maybe words are not enough to ease the pain they feel. But, at times of sorrow and grief you can express your compassion by having sympathy flowers sent to your friend or someone special who lost their loved ones. Flower is an elegant symbol of your support and comfort. So flowers are very important. Sending flowers to the bereaved family or to a funeral is so common, in fact, that families that do not want flowers will specify if they are not wanted with "in lieu of flowers" notices requesting donations to a favored charity instead. Flowers have played a role in funeral rituals for thousands of years.

Where flowers are used?

Here in the Philippines, funeral flowers were used to decorate the burial sites where the wake is held. Flowers have traditionally been sent to the funeral home for display during the viewing and service. These flowers were also thrown inside the grave of the deceased. The calming and soothing effect of funeral flowers is considered helpful for the relatives in times of sorrow.

Things that you should consider in purchasing funeral flowers.

Kind, Color, Freshness, Smell, Presentation and of course Price.


Lilies, Roses and Orchids are widely used funeral flowers here in the Philippines. Lily means regal, enthusiasm and ambition. And Orchids means delicate beauty, loving thoughts, passion, healing and consolation. Funeral flowers come in different types. A Circular wreath is chosen as the circle of life or can be a symbol of eternity. Another traditional form is the Spray. A Spray is a one-sided linear arrangement designed to be displayed on an easel stand. Another option is what florists call an inside piece. The inside piece is a small arrangement, intended to be displayed inside the open lid of a casket. Last, funerals often feature a casket spray or funeral spray, usually purchased by the family. As it sounds, a casket spray is a collection of cut flowers that is draped over the casket itself.


funeral flowers philippinesEvery color has its implication. Why not think about ones favourite color? But, always bear in mind to consider the event.


Always consider the freshness of flowers.

We at La Rosa Flower shop can give you the best funeral flowers that you can use in showing your comfort and compassion for your departed loved ones. We always consider your choice and preferences. We accomplish our work in hand with love and perseverance to gain your satisfaction and trust.


funeral flowers philippines funeral flowers philippines funeral flowers philippines funeral flowers philippines


funeral flowers philippines funeral flowers philippines funeral flowers philippines funeral flowers philippines